We work closely with the most reputable manufacturers of solar modules in the world who have passed our own rigorous due diligence tests. These manufacturers have a proven track record, offering strong warranties and avant-garde technology, with an excellent quality to price ratio.

To maximize energy production per square meter, monocrystalline (mono) modules have been chosen by ApriSolar due to their higher efficiency rates in comparison to the polycrystalline (poly). Mono technology is made by perfectly aligned silicon molecules which means that the photoelectric effect converts more efficiently, the sunlight into electricity, thereby allowing the panels to live longer. The nominal operating temperature of the mono cell is lower than that of the polycrystalline module cell because less heat is generated. This allows the panel to operate at a lower temperature, increasing energy generation. In addition, under low irradiance conditions, such as cloudy days, the response of the monocrystalline module to poly is more than 7%. Additionally, since these kinds of solar modules have the highest power outputs, mono is more space-efficient than poly.

ApriSolar also opts for PERC technology to increase solar efficiency by accelerating the return on investment and increasing customer savings versus conventional technology. The PERC cell integrates back-surface passivation and laser grooving techniques to create small pockets in the film to absorb more light and increase internal reflectivity. This leads to an increase in energy production, significantly reducing the level cost of electricity (LCOE).

The solar panels are tested according to European standards and have worldwide certifications. Routine tests include thermal cycling, humidity test, UV, mechanical loads, and PID which make the products even more reliable and robust.

We have selected partners that are constantly improving the efficiency of the panels to ensure that we need less panels, to generate more power with less equipment by the using of high-power modules as well as maximum efficiency and conversion ratios.

The first-year power warranty is more than 98% for the mono modules. The warranty for the materials and craftwork is 10 years and 25 years for the power warranty with a degradation between 0.40 and 0.55% per year depending on the product type.

The WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, 2002/96/CE) requires European countries to adopt a photovoltaic waste management program. Most of the components of a solar PV module are suitable for recycling, which includes glass, semiconductor materials, ferrous and nonferrous metals. In this way, we ensure that the selected products can be collected for recycling at the end of their useful life. By participating in this program, ApriSolar will support the development of more eco-friendly products and make recycling more feasible and more cost-effective for solar modules.