Energy storage can smooth out the delivery of variable energy resources such as wind and solar, by storing excess energy when the wind is blowing, and the sun is shining and delivering it when the opposite is happening. Energy storage is a technology that makes it possible. It can save money for customers, improve reliability and durability, incorporate sources of generation and help reducing the impact on the environment..

Battery innovation takes place gradually and long validation cycles are needed before a new material can find its way into the mainstream market. The current off-grid energy industry is mainly dominated by two different battery technologies: lithium-based batteries, which are commonly used for smaller products, whereas bigger products like solar home systems have historically been powered by lead-acid batteries. The main challenges of both technologies remain their recyclability and their sustainable use. ApriSolar is working with suppliers that guarantee the sustainability of their products through the life-cycle and ensure their batteries are recycled.

ApriSolar is cooperating with battery suppliers that are environmentally driven and that have opted for more sustainable, innovative and ecofriendly products based on saltwater technology and nickel technology.

Technically a salt-water battery uses a concentrated saline solution as its electrolyte. That make it more secure as it is non-flammable and easier to recycle than batteries that use toxic or flammable materials.

On the other hand, a nickel metal hydride battery is a type of rechargeable battery. It has an energy density that can approach the one of a lithium-ion battery. This technology is a safer, greener, more reliable and a cost-efficient energy storage solution. It is 100 % recyclable and it delivers a stable performance throughout the lifespan of the battery.

Through these technologies, ApriSolar will be able to deliver enough power to its clients the whole day, improve the overall efficiency of the power grid and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions.