The Dominican Republic is the second-largest Caribbean nation by area and the third one by population with 10.3 million of people. The Dominican Republic economy presents the most stable growth in the Caribbean region and its energy consumption is growing quickly.

We have two live projects with major companies in the country, one of which is with the largest shipping company in the Dominican Republic: Agencia Navieras B&R, while the other is the largest water purification and ice production company in the country: Grupo Empresarial Alaska.

Agencia Navieras B&R

Agencias Navieras B&R is the first Dominican maritime trade company. After more than 100 years of history they are market leaders and experts in providing transport and logistics services in the national shipping industry. They are also founders and operators of Caucedo port, which is part of the DP (Dubai Port) World portfolio of marine terminals.
ApriSolar has completed the engineering design and has drafted a sustainable and cost-efficient proposal that will allow Navieras B&R to meet its objectives. The project will reduce the companies carbon footprint by 12934 tCO2 over the project lifetime.

The installed capacity of the solar system is 3.9 kWp. It is a roof-top and grid-tied system, which includes a solar-parking solution as well as a solar roof terrace. The solution will meet 100% of their energy needs, thereby reducing their dependence on the national electricity grid. Construction of the project is tied to the company’s building pipeline, they will be starting seismic construction works in Q1 on the company’s main tower building.

 The Client has different port offices and ship workshops in different locations across the island such as Barahona, Cabo Rojo, Azua, Haina, Caucedo, San Pedro, La Romana, Samaná, Puerto Plata or Manzanillo among others, 14 in total. For these locations ApriSolar aims to implement hybrid solutions of solar PV plants and wind technology due to the coastal locations. This expansion project is yet to be defined in 2020.

Grupo Empresarial Alaska

Grupo Empresarial Alaska (Alaska from now on) is the leading company in the production and distribution of ice and purified water throughout the Dominican Republic. Alaska has at least two large facilities, one in Punta Cana and the other in Santo Domingo, which in combination purified more than 198 million liters of water in 2017.

With almost 100 years of combined experience, it has become the fastest growing company in the sector. This requires a reliable and profitable energy source that is at the cutting-edge of the latest technologies and is renewable and sustainable. They are currently working to improve the facilities that they have in Santo Domingo, where they invest more than $1.6 million each year to purchase energy from the grid; this means that energy is their highest fixed cost in their annual budget

Our proposed solution is a combination of renewable energy generation and energy efficiency. Originally, Alaska requested a solar PV solution for their facility in Santo Domingo. In order to meet their energy demand, an installation of 8.5 MWp (approximately) would be needed. However, since there is not enough disposable surface area to install a solution of that size, an energy analysis was conducted with the aim to understand the reason for their high energy consumption. Our findings led us to identify the root cause of their peak energy demand, which was the ice making machines. 

The energy consumption of the ice machines in combination with the compressors in Alaska´s facilities is around 40% more than certain machines on the market today. As part of our solution we have issued RFPs to manufacturers of ice machines and compressors. We are in process of selecting a solution that will reduce the client’s energy consumption by 53%. In this way, the size of the solar design is reduced to 4 MWp. 

 ApriSolar has completed the engineering design and has drafted a sustainable and cost-efficient proposal for 4 MW installation and energy efficiency measures that will allow Alaska to improve its annual energy costs, as well as contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by 90411 tCO2 over the project lifetime. The Client aims to have different distribution centers across the city in order to optimize their logistics by reducing their delivery times and the cost savings that this entails. This expansion project is yet to be defined in 2020.