Get to know us

We are a Renewable Energy company that design, develop and finance renewable energy solutions on more than 3 continents globally.

Our solutions range from government infrastructure projects to large industrial projects. Through our eMPower team we develop solutions for commercial and domestic off-takers.

With subsidiaries in Europe, South America and Africa our aim is to deliver 1000 MW of power through solar and wind technologies by year 2025.

By utilising the latest innovations and technology in the generation, storage and distribution of electrical power, our solutions reduce the cost of electricity whilst returning market leading yields for our clients and investors.

We are a company delivering sustainable long-term value, we are empowering the future today.


  • Facilitate financial independence through access to sustainable electrical power
  • Durable instead of temporary in the manufacturing and delivery of renewables
  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Contribution to Sustainable Development Goals
  • Remove the burden of financing of renewable energy


  • Improve the economic welfare of people and nations whilst improving the sustainability of our planet
  • Make an impact in the world improving the standard of living and doing business
  • Consistent energy from renewable sources
  • Attractive returns for our customers and investors


  • Sustainable business model
  • Universal access to renewable energy
  • Delivering focus on emerging markets
  • Affordable service
  • Complete solution: finance, design, installation, monitoring and maintenance


  • Access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy for all
  • Reduction of GHG emissions
  • Promotion of local employment
  • Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Using technology to improve living standards
  • Removing the debt burden through long-term added value

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