Sustainability for the environment – and your wallet

We make renewable energy obtainable and affordable!

We can make it happen!

We provide affordable sustainable energy in areas where it is hard to obtain. Everything runs on natural energy. To combat the lack of sustainable energy solutions, ApriSolar will continue to make renewable energy solutions a viable option for all.

Our focus

• ApriSolar will generate 1000 MW of renewable energy power by year 2025

 We will help reduce 530,000 kg of CO2 by year 2025

 Remove the burden of pre-finance. We invest so that you don’t have to

 More reliable energy that is sustainable and affordable

 Market leading business model for the integration of renewable energy

 Focus on emerging markets

 Investable solutions – Innovative services 

Our Purpose

The purpose of ApISOLAR is to facilitate energy access in developing countries, from small to large clients including industrial level such as hotels, organizations, offices, manufacturers. A stable and safe energy service is offered, from renewable sources and at low cost.

ApriSolar’s solution will improve the quality of life for our customers and improve the quality of our environment. In addition to making energy accessible to everyone, we empower our customers and increase their awareness and responsibility towards the environment.

Our customers would have no need to purchase solar panels or batteries but still enjoy the benefit of having sustainable energy. The consumer would merely pay for using the energy that is produced by the manufacturers products, that would also have to be made more durable to ensure return on investment and low maintenance costs. Through this model, we contribute to the reduction of the negative impact of climate change, through the reduction of demand on natural resources due to overproduction and planned obsolesces.

Use the solar panel by day,
use the battery by night

Our equipment is made from recyclable materials

Efficient systems with
minimum-to-zero waste